6 Things You Should Not Tell Headhunters

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6 Things You Should Not Tell Headhunters

If there is something that you should know the next time you go in for an interview, you should know how to communicate with recruiters. There are a few things that put you off as a candidate. Here, we will talk about six things you should never discuss with recruiters if you are expecting a competitive job offer.

You’re Good With Anything

If you tell them you’re good with anything, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. When you say this, it ultimately means that you’re selling yourself short. You don’t believe in yourself enough to clarify what position works best for you. Plus, you will not be able to exhibit your skills the right way either. When you say this, you give then the entire authority to the recruiter as to where to put you, at their convenience.

The Salary They Offered You is Good

It is never okay to tell recruiters that you’re good with the salary that is offered. You should always negotiate your way through to help build good communication. Figure out the best possible package that you can get by doing the right research, and then communicate it to your recruiters. Saying yes to a good job may seem like the ideal thing, but don’t forget to negotiate through for the salary. Even executive recruiters advise you to negotiate your salary before giving the go-ahead for the job.

Badmouthing Your Previous Company

There is nothing that puts off recruiters other than the candidate badmouthing their old company. By doing so, you set the bar pretty low. What’s to say that you will not go about badmouthing the company you’re applying to either? Try to keep your views about your previous employments aside, and only focus on what you can deliver.

Your Former Boss Was Threatened By You

Are you trying to set a trap for yourself when you say this? You should know better that these statements are not to be said to your potential employer. As mentioned before, keep your biased views outside of the interview with your potential employer. You don’t want to make things more difficult for yourself by doing so.

Rescheduling On The Day Of The Interview

You cannot reschedule your interview on the day of your interview. If there has been an emergency, only then can you ask for a reschedule. However, if there is no such emergency, then rescheduling your interview gives you a bad reputation. It ultimately makes the recruiter believe you think you’re too good for their company.

Commenting On How Long It Took For Them To Get Back To You

Every business has its own process when it comes to getting back to their candidates. You should know this by now. Commenting on how long it took them to get back to you is a childish behavior. You will find that executive recruiters will not tolerate it. It gives off an extremely unprofessional vibe, and you’re bound to annoy the recruiters.