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Job interview: 10 questions you should always ask your interviewer

During a job interview, it is of course up to you to answer the questions and sell yourself at your best. But you also need to determine if you will be able to fulfil this role. Admittedly, during a job interview, it is mainly you, the candidate, who is supposed to answer the questions. You

NEW OPEN POSITION: Recruitment Consultant / Senior Consultant

We are hiring! Recruitment Consultant / Senior Consultant Our business is rapidly expanding and we are looking for an expert recruitment consultant to join us. ATa Services Plus Recruitment is one of Thailand’s leading executive search firms, affiliated with ATa Services founded in 2008. Based in Bangkok, we are specialized in Executive Search and

“Heads or Tails”, the best way to choose between two decisions ?

"Heads or Tails", the best way to choose between two decisions ? Sometimes it's easy to choose between two options: we know right away which one is correct. But, unfortunately, decisions are not always so easy to make. We doubt when we read the menu of a restaurant, when we choose between buying one

How to find work that does not appear in job offers ?

How to find work that does not appear in job offers? The existence of invisible offers implies an obstacle to access certain positions. The growing importance of our network of contacts determines job search strategies and requires new solutions. In the current work scenario, 80% of job offers are invisible. This means that