Essential Soft Skills Employers Seek in Bangkok

Essential Soft Skills Employers Seek in Bangkok Bangkok, as the heart of Thailand’s business sector, thrives on a delicate blend of traditional Thai values and modern corporate practices. This unique combination shapes the city’s corporate landscape and, in turn, the expectations employers have for potential candidates. While technical abilities and professional qualifications remain paramount, soft […]

Thailand 4.0 Vision: Transforming Bangkok’s Recruitment Landscape

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Amidst the bustling streets and shimmering skyscrapers of Bangkok, a quiet transformation is taking root, driven by the Thai government’s ambitious Thailand 4.0 vision. This strategic policy initiative aims to turn the nation into an innovation-driven economy, and its ripples are being felt profoundly in Bangkok’s recruitment landscape. 1. What is Thailand 4.0? Thailand 4.0 […]

Insider’s Guide: Top Industries Hiring in Bangkok Today

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  Bangkok, the heart of Thailand, has long been known for its vibrant culture, bustling streets, and delectable cuisine. But apart from its world-renowned attractions, Bangkok is also one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Asia, brimming with opportunities for both domestic and international job seekers. The city’s evolution as a global hub for commerce, innovation, […]

6 Things You Should Not Tell Headhunters

A headhunter talking with a candidate

6 Things You Should Not Tell Headhunters If there is something that you should know the next time you go in for an interview, you should know how to communicate with recruiters. There are a few things that put you off as a candidate. Here, we will talk about six things you should never discuss […]

How To Find A Job In 2021

How to find a job?

How To Find A Job In 2021 With the way things are going, you might think finding a job for yourself is going to get tricky. As the pandemic went into full swing, there have been multiple problems that have caused a major shift in employment levels. But with things getting better, finding a job […]

How To Perfectly Prepare Yourself For A Job Interview

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How To Perfectly Prepare Yourself For A Job Interview Have you ever registered yourself in recruitment companies in Bangkok and got shortlisted? Well, then the next step is the job interview. A job interview is probably the most important step in your professional career. Your entire career depends on it. This is why you need […]

Top 10 Reasons Not to Accept a Counter Offer

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Accept a Counter Offer When searching for a job, people tend to apply to more than one place as means to ensuring that they are offered a job from at least one of the places or while on the job, applying to different places to see what better offers can […]

How to Be Headhunted?

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How to Be Headhunted? Career is all about growth. Wherever you are, whatever your position may be, there is a ladder you need to climb. There is always something new you can learn and great opportunities right around the corner. But actively seeking jobs isn’t the answer if you’re already at a top position. Your […]

How to Build an Awesome Resume to Impress

A candidate giving her resume to the recruiter

How to Build an Awesome Resume to Impress It can be often tough to find a job, and it can be far more challenging if you don’t have a references list or any work experience. No work place will hire you if you have no experience before. There are ways to fill your resume in […]

ATa Services Plus opens a coaching service.

We are now offering One-on-One coaching services. ATa Services Plus team has often be solicited to propose coaching services to individuals to improve their resume or LinkedIn. In order for us to assist our client fully. Our coaching service is developed to get you an interview for the job you are aiming at. Our coach […]