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Experience Our Senior-Level Talent Focused Executive Search In Thailand

Our Executive Search service (commonly called headhunting) is our top-notch specialized recruitment service which we offer to our clients when they need highly qualified candidates. Positions we are recruiting are Senior-level and Executive roles (e.g., President, Vice-president, CEO and Non-Executive Directors).

In this highly competitive age, organizations need to pile up talent for being more creative and productive in their field. Finding potential talent that could lead your organization with all the functional approaches is not easy. Executive search is the core service that any organization can adopt to find impactful candidates for generating more business growth. ATa Recruitment provides the core Executive Search in Thailand and abroad for top-notch recruitment services for our clients when they need highly qualified candidates. Our human resources have multiple years of experience in advising clients across various verticals on the requirement of high-level candidates throughout South East Asia. We have highly experienced and well-qualified consultants dedicated to meeting your needs in your exemplary recruitment process.

Executive search is commonly known as headhunting services. We are instant, qualified, and experienced in our field. Hence we understand how to find the best and skilled talent for organizations that are seeking talent. We offer our clients highly qualified and experienced senior-level talent parallel to their needs. We recruit for different positions for our clients, including senior level and Executive roles. In addition, Headhunting services in Thailand and abroad are also used for other highly specialized and/or skilled roles for niche sectors, or for when there is strong competition in the market for such top talents.

What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is common among big organizations because of its high impact and potential reliability that tags with it. It is a specialized recruitment service that organizations pay to find and recruit highly qualified and potential candidates. Big Organizations used Executive Search for their senior-level and executive job roles across the public and private sectors. Even various non-profit organizations also use this service.

Executive search, also known as headhunting services, refers to an agency or organization that assists employers in locating, recruiting, selecting, and placement senior-level talent in their corporation. ATa Recruitment offers you great help in recruiting potential candidates in Thailand. The working team is the pillar for success for any global firm with a boutique spirit.

We make sure to recruit the right leaders for your organization to achieve success and gear up your business growth among your competitors.

How do we work on your Executive Search in Thailand?

We act as an intermediary to contact individuals who might be interested in a new challenging role. We carry out all the recruitment process starting by mapping the industry, initial screening of candidates, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to your organization selectively.

Our company uses a proactive Executive Search process that had been strictly tried and approved through years of establishment and development, by targeting both passive talents (candidates who are employed or not actively seeking a new opportunity) as well as potential candidates who are not yet applying for roles but are networking. This allows us to reach out to the top talents on the market. This is the most prominent feature of our services because these passive candidates account for 60% of the talent pool. Those so-called passive candidates may even work for a competitor, which makes them a desirable talent pool from which to hire from.

Our great headhunting strategy makes us prominent in Thailand and among all of our other competitors, and we are working high every day to make our reputation sustainable. Our recruitment policies help us get to the top talent pool for Executive Search in Thailand and abroad.

We only offer this service with the full exclusivity of the search.

More Business Benefits than Just Potential Recruitment

By working with our impressive and talent-focused headhunters, you can get more benefits than just hiring top-level talent. Since we perform our Executive Search in Thailand and abroad after complete consultation involving our experts, you can acquire a deep knowledge of the challenges, cultural requirements, and modifications that needed a solution for building your business on an upgraded level. With us, you can hire the premium level of services and talent instead of getting resumes that could lead you nowhere. ATa Recruitment has worked and helped many businesses to build an active workforce. According to experts, an engaged workforce can lead a business high from scratch in no time.

Our Headhunting Process

We have a comprehensive internationally expert recruitment consulting team that uses the most advanced headhunting services. At ATa Recruitment, we use our five-step success approach from preliminary to final career transition and onboarding stage. We start with meeting our clients to understand all the organization’s needs, vision, and mission. These specifications are used throughout the search process. We carried out a deep market talent analysis by focusing on key companies and Effective Avenue in our first stage. In the next stage, we create talent mapping to analyze the candidates about their potential and ability. The third stage of our working methodology involves interviews and feedback. We prepare to assist with the interviews, but the choice of the appointee rests with you. The final stage is all about career transition and onboarding. Non-successful candidates will be informed while we will help the successful candidates with their resignation process.

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