How to Be Headhunted?

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How to Be Headhunted?

Career is all about growth. Wherever you are, whatever your position may be, there is a ladder you need to climb. There is always something new you can learn and great opportunities right around the corner. But actively seeking jobs isn’t the answer if you’re already at a top position. Your answer lies in being headhunted.
But what is headhunting? Many companies hire services for executive search to fill up high positions in their organization. Headhunting means to investigate and point to a well-qualified person to fit the role. If you are being headhunted, it naturally means that the company wants to hire you. Apart from being an honor it is an opportunity for you that you should consider. How to be headhunted? Here are some tips on how to be the target of headhunting.

Have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

When companies are using executive search to look for potential candidates, they’re not looking for a generally successful person. Headhunting requires many recruiters to look for specific skills in a candidate. They look for qualities and achievements that will help the particular role they’re searching to fill.
This is why you need a USP. When you have a specific set of skills that you specialize in, it will lead you to be headhunted. Your expertise in your field is what firms are hunting. So, make sure you highlight what is the best thing you can offer to an organization.

Participate Actively

Many people make the mistake of being in a role and being an inactive participant. This will not make you an ideal candidate for headhunting. If you truly want to be found through executive search, you need to be active.
Speak up about issues that pertain to your field. Take initiative on how to improve businesses processes that you control. And do not limit this to your company, but the entire industry as a whole. Highlight problems and offer solutions that reflect your expertise. This will make you an easy target for headhunting.

Network with Professionals

Once you are at the top management position you always wanted, do not stop networking. Networking is the best tip to ever exist for the purpose of climbing up the career ladder. Not only does it give you market insights but also increases your visibility among recruiters.
Through networking other professionals in the industry get to know you, your professional attitude and your work. These pros and knowledge about your achievements can make it easier for you to be headhunted.

Polish Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media for recruiters who are headhunting. If you want to be headhunted, you need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is in top shape. It needs to be concise and has to emphasize on what you have achieved.
If your profile is one of the best profiles on LinkedIn, it will immensely increase your chances of being headhunted. Whatever skills are visible, they will be sought out the most. This article highlighted all the key points you need to remember to be headhunted. Headhunting and executive search is a tough job for recruiters because of specific requirements. But if you fit them, you need to hone your social profile to be a candidate for headhunting.