How to Build an Awesome Resume to Impress

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How to Build an Awesome Resume to Impress

It can be often tough to find a job, and it can be far more challenging if you don’t have a references list or any work experience. No work place will hire you if you have no experience before. There are ways to fill your resume in such a way that it will bound to end up landing you an interview.

The need for having a resume is an integral business procedure whenever it comes to presenting oneself to a future employer who requires hiring potential candidates. A resume is basically an outline of who you are, your achievements, activities, etc. It is a way to introduce oneself, by providing a summary to a hiring firm, or any cooperate company.

How to Start Off?

First off, you need to start on the top of the page with:
– In the first line, write your name in font size 18.
– In the second line, mention your address, to let the employee be aware of where you live.
– In the third line, mention your mobile number, which should be followed by your email address (with removing the underline beneath it).
– The letters should be spaced out using the options Font / Advanced / Spacing.

  • Using buzzwords to self-promote turns out to be useless. Even if you use functional buzzwords like managing, developing, there are still chances that the employee will skip it over.
  • By writing a good career introduction, you can start by including any previous work you have done, or expertise in any industry or profession, acquisition of any additional language.

Work Experience

  • It is integral to stick to any recent work experience dating back to at least 10 years and not before.
  • You can start by writing the company’s name in bold and font size 14. Next, in font size 9, briefly mention the type of industry you were in. In the next line, the title should be in bold and font size 12, preceded by the work timeline showing months and years only in font size 10.
  • No need to give job descriptions of what you did as an employee. In bullet points, mention personal achievements, etc.

Educational Record

  • No need to give primary or secondary school information. Instead, your resume should mention your university degree, and major.
  • Instead of writing abbreviations such as BS or MS, write a Master’s Degree, to avoid any confusion.

Personal Information

  • Mention your nationality, any additional language skills.
  • There’s no need for writing about hobbies, and referencing names.


  • Attaching a photo is unnecessary unless specifically asked for. Having appropriate skills, experience, and education is what will ensure you your dream job.

References Available

  • No need to write reference available on a resume. The right choice is to keep that information on a separate paper to use it when asked.

By following these steps, you are on your way to building an awesome resume to impress the employees!

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