Our Executive Search Process

Our Five Steps to Success

Our Executive Search Process has been designed in order to find the most qualified and talented leaders in the market that will match our client’s requirements. We first need to understand very clearly our client’s business, culture, mission and values. Understanding deeply our client will allow us to provide the right leaders with the correct mix of skills, qualifications, competencies and experience to not just excel in their roles but also ensure a perfect cultural fit.

Preliminary stage

Client’s Meeting

The preliminary stage includes a meeting with our client to first understand its culture for us to represent the client at its best, by delivering a consistent messaging accordingly to our client’s employer brand to any potential candidate.

This process results in a document that will be a reference throughout the entire search process, the candidate specification. The candidate specification (job description) will contain detailed information about the role, responsibilities, key competencies, top performance actions, and outline career and educational requirements.

Stage 1

Market Analysis and Search Strategies

At this stage will perform a deep analysis of the talent market, outlining key companies to research for talents, and documenting all avenues that will be exploited in order to gain access to the top talent in the marketplace.

Research tools such as previously conducted market analyses, alternative internet sources (social networks), and of course, our own network and contacts are part of the search strategy.

To save time and resources, the previous effort our client has taken to fill this position will be provided to us. The essential information required is their names, companies and positions.

Stage 2

Talent Mapping and Candidates Assessment

We will proceed with the creation of an industry/function wide map of talent and long list of potential candidates. It is commonly known as “talent mapping” or “name generation”.

We will begin qualifying the potential targets and identifying whether they are suitable candidates by examining and assessing each candidate following the determined criteria as laid down in the candidate specification and will then categorize the potential candidates:

  • Candidates justifying an immediate interview,
  • Applicants who may justify an interview in the future,
  • Candidates who do not meet the position requirements.

Interviews will be arranged with the most promising candidates to examine in depth the suitability of each of them for the position.

A shortlist will be submitted to the client with the most promising talents.

Stage 3

Client Interviews and Feedback

Your personal Consultant will arrange with you interviews with the shortlisted candidates. The structure of those interviews may vary, but in most cases, you will have one interview with each shortlisted candidate. Then followed by a subsequent interview with the most favored candidate. We prepare to assist with the interviews but the choice of the appointee rests with you.

At this stage, our client might want to proceed with references check. We will participate and help to any level on references. Our team will furnish the names and contact details of references on the candidates upon request. We recommend that you check them independently. For several reasons, including the risk of a breach of confidentiality, it is desirable to keep such checks to a minimum and we recommend checking the references of the final candidate only.

Our firm will also assist and/or facilitate the negotiation for a remuneration package that is fair and equitable for both parties.

Final stage

Career Transition and Onboarding

All non-successful candidates that we did not previously reject are informed at this time.

We will assist the successful candidate with his resignation process as well as necessary assistance with his career transition.

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