Phrases That Lead To Failure

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Phrases That Lead To Failure

As an employer, you can always tell when someone is going to get things done and when they’re going to stall. With the words people use, you can determine who stands to keep their word and who is bound to fail. Employers are always on the lookout for people using the following phrases so that they can filter out the candidates who will not make it to their teams.

I Will Do My Best

Once someone starts with this, you already know that they will not do their best. When the other person has to verify that they will do their best, there is a big chance that they will not be able to deliver. As an employer, if you hear your employee say this, you should try to come up with another plan so that there are no issues in the process.


When someone starts with the word “actually,” you should know you’re in trouble. They will no doubt tell you something went wrong with the work they were given. If you hear this after delegating a task to your employee, then let’s just say that you might not see the results you have been wanting to see. Using this word immediately sets alarms in the employer’s head that things are not going to be done.

I Will Try

It is typical for people to say that they will try to do something. For instance, “I will try to get this done on time” is a common statement that many make. You must have realized by now that whenever someone says this, they never actually get their work done on time. So, when you hear this term, you should know what you’re in for.

Let Me Get Back To You On That

When you’re trying to get things done and assign tasks to your sub-ordinates, you will always have that one person who will need extra time and say things, such as “let me get back to you on that.” Do you think that they will? There is a very high chance that they will not, and you will be left waiting for the update for a long time.

You Have My Word

Why would anyone have to give you their word to show you that they will do the work on time? “You have my word” is the perfect example of when incompetent people try to sell themselves. It is not something that people in the industry should believe. It shows that the other person is not confident, which means they will surely have issues in the process.

I Have Some Good Ideas About That

If the person has good ideas about something, then they would put them into action. A mere statement about having something without really showing any tangible is what people who have no idea say to make themselves feel better.When you’re going through the recruitment process, you should be wary of people that use these terms. More than that, you should also observe the employees using these terms so that you can create contingency plans in case of failure.