Top Ten Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

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Top Ten Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

Any good worker does not just quit a job for one conclusive evidence. Rather, this decision depends on multiple things which play a massive role in their decision to quitting. Some common reasons which make employees quit their jobs are given below.

1. No Contribution In Decision Making:

Keeping employees requires you to put your trust in them as well. Employers often control their workers by continuously scrutinizing their decisions and expecting them to get approval from their employers in whatever they do. Workers don’t necessarily approve of this level of control. They would rather prefer the organisations where they are trusted to make their own decisions.

2. Unchallenging Working Environment:

No one would want to get bored with the work they do. They need their jobs to be challenging in order to be as productive as possible. If the working environment is not challenging, this might demotivate the employees, and they might start thinking of quitting their jobs.

3. Not Getting Appreciation For The Job They Do:

Another primary reason for employees to quit their job is to not getting the required appreciation for the work they do. Lack of appreciation can be in the form of low salary or lack of positive feedback for their efforts.

4. No Chances For Promotion:

Future opportunities for growth and promotions are the topmost reasons for an employee to stay at their company. Showing the employee that their organisation is interested in their growth will help them to retain their employees. If not, the company may lose a good worker.

5. Unclear Goals Of The Organisation:

If the company is constantly changing their goals and do not give out proper directions on how to operate, employees will be left confused resulting in them to shift to a new job.

6. Corporate Ethics:

Employees prefer a working environment with clear directions, easy to approach bosses and explicit communication. Thus, lack of these corporate ethics will demotivate them and they would think of quitting.

7. Work Disagreements:

Employees might leave their company in case of any disagreement with their manager or supervisor which can make them frustrated. Also, this disagreement can result in their professional development to be hindered.

8. Stress Due To Work Burden:

Many times employees might feel that they are doing more for less. In cases where they find their jobs extremely stressful and cannot meet the balance between their personal and work life, they tend to quit their jobs.

9. Obstinate Working Hours:

Employees don’t prefer working at the organisations that have rigid working hours. Thus, they will tend to move towards the company who provides them with a flexible schedule.

10. Relationship With Fellow Employees:

According to a report, one of the main reasons for an employee to be happy at their job is to have a friend there. Thus, good relation with the coworkers will hold your employees. The lack of which will make them quit their jobs.

If you are en employer looking for reasons to why employees quit their jobs, you must go through these reasons in order to avoid them.