Why you should work with recruitment agencies on exclusive basis?

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Recruitment agencies are outside organizations that go and select potential applicants for employers. The recruitment agency act as a bridge between a firms that is seeking to hire a candidate. At the same time, it helps a job seeker who is looking to be recruited. The role of the recruitment agency is to then find a potential candidate for a job offer set by the employers.

In turn, the recruitment agency also acts as a mediator for the candidates to find a suitable job. But, when recruiters are assigned to find a job seeker, they have to do it before the other company gives the resume of the applicant first. The first person to provide the resume of the applicant first wins.

Picking a Recruitment Agency on an Exclusive Basis

There are several benefits of hiring a recruitment agency and providing them this exclusivity. Some of them are noted below:

1. Setting Time

It provides the recruiting firm to have ample time needed to begin their search in a proper manner.

2. Contingency Forces

There is a certain time limit to find the right candidate before the other company does. The job seeker has to be found, in short, ‘recruited’. The contingency works fast to bring forward often partially qualified applicants before someone else does. Sometimes, contingency firms need to be so fast that they even submit an applicant’s resume if they come across it, without calling the candidate.

3. Methodology of Contingency

The most important part is to find out the job seeker, picking him out even before he comes to you. It can be tiresome to set up a whole procedure of planning, having a list of what competitors you are up against. Their methodology is usually a fast database search, but most recruitment firms working on Exclusive basis have the inside knowledge of certain hiring sectors, which can prove to be beneficial.

4. Qualified Applicants

With their inside knowledge of the hiring sectors, the executive recruitment agency will make sure to dig out the most skillful and eligible candidate instead of anyone just because it is a race.

5. Exclusive Basis

The advantage of working with a recruitment agency on an exclusive basis means narrowing down at least 4 to 5 eligible candidates, after the recruits have dug out their required information, accessed them through the interview procedure, then it’s left to the employer to do the interviews of the various candidates that have appeared.

6. Candidate Search

The candidate should receive a message from only one firm, instead of many other firms. Hiring a candidate is, therefore, the topmost priority of the recruitment agency, which they have to achieve in the given time.

7. Complete Process

It is the responsibility of the recruitment agency to ensure the completion of the process – whether it is successful or not, and to follow it through right after the interview procedure and recruitment that candidate as an employee.

Therefore, executive recruitment agencies work as enablers to make sure they help in recruiting the right people for the required job.